Errikos Ioannidis

Simplicity and calm are the basic qualities that were the guideline and goal for the design of the spaces and the individual elements of the Orthopedic Clinic, located in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, on the top floor of an imposing Clinic building.Inspired by the elements and qualities of Asian architecture, the purpose of the design approach was to create a welcoming space for the visitor/patient that will allow as much natural light as possible inside the Clinic while at the same time exuding a feeling of relaxation and optimism.


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Athens, Greece

In this context, the light-colored oak wood was chosen as the dominant element of the design approach, which was also the basic material for the construction of the furniture with the aim of creating a calm and bright environment. The milky semi-transparent glass that was used to separate the spaces completes the modest character while simultaneously contributing to the performance of the necessary privacy in the Examination Rooms and the Office.

A series of elaborately detailed custom furniture ensure not only a functional and flexible layout but also give this Clinic its unique architectural identity. The continuous alternation of the oak element with the white color exudes a sense of calmness and purity in the space, giving a minimalist but at the same time imposing identity.

At the entrance, the light oak wood narrative begins and it is used throughout the entire project. The Reception Desk where the element of the curve prevails strongly, embracing the visitor in an attempt to integrate smoothly into the space, while a hidden door integrated into the wooden wall paneling consisting of vertical solid wood slats ensures the provision of privacy in the ancillary areas of the Clinic.

Errikos Ioannidis